Blow Off Valve

Ever wonder why rally cars make that sound you hear when you open a bottle of pop?

Well, maybe not exactly like that but more or less similar to the sound of air being released (air, not gas!). You usually hear this when you let off the throttle, sorta sounds like a woosh!. In effect, what you are hearing is the sound of built up boost pressure being released from the intake system.

The reason for this is that the turbocharger will keep spinning even after you let off the gas. So as you close the throttle plate, allot of pressure builds up in the intake system. This becomes problematic in that this excess pressure can cause the turbines to seize. Ultimately, this would destroy the turbo unit. For this reason, we incorporate BOV's, bypass or diverter valves.

These mechanism work because on the other side of the throttle plate, vacuum gets built up in the intake manifold. Blow off valves, diverter and bypass valves all work by detecting this vacuum. Having done so, they use this vacuum to mechanically open a valve in order to relieve unnecessary boost from the other side of the throttle plate.

Picture Description Model Remark Price


BLOW OFF VALVE AT51006 Greddy LOOK blow off $145

BLOW OFF VALVE AT51008 turboxs LOOK type blow off $140

BLOW OFF VALVE AT51011 Greddy LOOK type blow off $140

BLOW OFF VALVE AT51013 Apexi LOOK type blow off $145

BLOW OFF VALVE AT51003 turbosmart type blow off,engineered to
replace the factory fitted plastic Bosch
valves that are found in most European
and many locally made turbocharged vehicles
while still retaining a factory appearance
and allowing the engine covers to be reinstalled
without modification.
Models include Audi, VW, Porsche, the new
MX5-Tand even the XR6-T (as long as it has
no modifications). The factory plastic BOVs
can split at only moderately increased levels
of boost causing loss of power and rough
running problems whilst the Turbosmart Kompact
series BOV will stay performing reliably and not leak boost.

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