The Boost Controller

It is important to note that stock systems with a wastegate actuator operated by means of boost pressure do not come equipped with a boost controller. When you have a boost pressure operated actuator, the actuator itself is the mechanism limiting your boost. In essence, the actuator opens your wastegate when boost levels reach the predetermined PSI level. Now in order to get more boost from your turbo system in this sort of set-up, you need to install a boost controller (bottom pic).

A boost controller limits the amount of pressure that gets sent to the wastegate actuator. In a sense, it fools it to think that less boost is being created in the system. In turn, it will open the wastegate at higher levels of boost. On the other hand, we have a wastegate actuator operated by means of a solenoid. In this sort of set-up, the system is tied into your engine management system. Boost pressure is detected by an air flow sensor, this signal is then sent to your ECU and your ECU will regulate boost pressure accordingly. In such a set-up, you do no install a mechanical boost controller. In the latter case, people typically reprogram their engine management system to allow for more boost. A more intricate set-up will employ a boost controller which is electronically tied into your ECU.

Picture Description Model Remark Price

BOOST CONTROLLER AT54001 Turbosmart boost controller $125

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