Finally, an aluminum catch can that is not enormous!. The oil catch can has all the features you want in a catch can without any of the bulk. It features an aluminium body for light weight (it weighs less than a pound), high-quality welded 10mm or 15mm hose fittings, a sight hose to check how full it is, and a drain plug. It even comes with a mounting bracket.

In addition, the oil catch can is approximately 5.5 inches from the top of the fittings to the bottom of the can, making it small enough to fit in even the tightest engine bays. In addition, the oil catch can includes 3 feet of reinforced clear plastic hose. With a single mounting bolt on top, you're sure to find a way to fit this piece in your engine bay and JDM it up.

Picture Description Model Remark Price

OIL CATCH CAN AT56001 Greddy oil catch can $120

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