TurboSmart Wastegate Flanges

Without a wastegate, the amount of boost that a turbocharger creates varies with the pressure of the engine's exhaust. This happens because exhaust pressure varies with relation to the engine's speed (measured in RPM's).

This implies that as an engine reaches higher RPM's, increasing amounts of boost will be created by the turbocharger. The problem with this is that an engine can only accommodate a given amount of boost. Most stock engines are only meant to take about 10 PSI if not less.

In order to regulate the amount of boost that comes into the engine, a wastegate acts as a door only allowing a given amount of exhaust to hit the turbocharger's exhaust turbine. Once the engine starts producing more exhaust pressure then the wastegate system will allow, a flap is opened to redirect excess exhaust away from the turbine blades. In turn, this is where a wastegate gets it's name.

It's a gate to carry away waste. In order to regulate when a wastegate opens, a boost controller can be used.

Picture Description Model Size Price

WASTEGATE AT55001 38MM $199

WASTEGATE AT55002 40MM $199

WASTEGATE AT55003 50MM $199

WASTEGATE AT55005 46MM $220

WASTEGATE AT55009 38MM $245

WASTEGATE AT55011 46MM $245

WASTEGATE AT55012 38MM $245

WASTEGATE AT55013 60MM $270

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